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Safe Space

The importance of creating a "safe space" environment conducive to the discussion of sexual assault and related topics is one of the single most important concepts [read more]...

My Perspective:

  • • We all have grown up in a rape culture
  • • Most adults have not spoken to their children about sex, power, love
  • • Most of what boys know they learned from adult role models
  • • Each and every male in your community needs to hear this material [more...]

JW&A Newsletter

Back issues of the Newsletter are available...

Jan 2000:
Vol. 4, No. 1
Male Survivors of Incest & Other Sexual Assault (Pt 1)

Aug 1991:
Vol. 3, No. 1
How Boys Become Men, Pt 2: Growing Up Alone

Dec 1998:
Vol. 2, No. 3
How Boys Become Men: Deciphering the Lessons of Enigmatic Fathers



Welcome to Teaching Sexual Ethics

Joseph Weinberg

Hi, I'm Joe Weinberg. I am a pioneering rape prevention speaker, trainer and author/educator. For the past twenty-one years, I have been teaching boys and men empathy and sexual ethics by helping them understand and personally define sexual assault. In over 3,700 workshops, speeches and trainings, many in such hyper-masculine places as locker rooms, fraternities, prisons, the United States Air Force Academy, the United States Navy, I have developed radically simple, "life-affirming" techniques that invite unlearning of the rape/abusive masculinity process.

Joseph Weinberg, speaking at a conference, circa 1988

I am an author, an activist, a mask-maker/collector, and long-time member of Men Stopping Rape, Inc. based in Madison.

Now I'm telling men's secrets. To men and anyone who wants to understand men better.


You've never heard a man talk this way.
You've never heard anyone talk this way.

How to Contact Joe:

839 Williamson Street
Madison, WI 53703
(608) 251-2821